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Once you have completed the Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling and have duly filed your petition in court, you must complete a mini Personal Finance course before your bankruptcy case may be discharged, after which your debts will no longer be recoverable.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Developing good money management habits.
  • Understanding and developing budgeting and finance skills.
  • Setting short and long term financial goals and planning how to reach them.
  • Credit reports, credit scores and the laws governing them.
  • Obtaining or re-establishing credit after bankruptcy.
  • Predatory lending and identity theft.
  • Types of insurance, costs and coverage levels you might need.

This course is only available to debtors who have filed for bankruptcy. You will need your Bankruptcy case number in order to be able to take the course.

We provide counseling either face to face, by phone, or via online. To schedule a Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling session, please contact us at 1-855-717-2227 or (787) 722-8835.  

If the counseling is to be conducted by phone, we will need you to send us some information in advance before we set up the appointment in our system. Please fill in the Counseling Application and then download the following documents:

  • Counseling Affidavit
  • Telephone Counseling Disclosures
  • Client Rights

After signing them, please return the documents by mail, fax, or email so that we can continue setting up the appointment in our system.

Mailing Address: CONSUMER  -  PO BOX 8908 San Juan, PR 00908

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax:  (787) 722-6979

Both the face-to-face counseling and the phone counseling entail a $50 fee, whereas the Internet counseling only costs $25. Theses fees may be waived for persons meeting certain criteria. You may fill out the Request for Fee Waiver Form. If you do not meet the requirements for the fee waiver, please proceed to the Online Education link and select the appropriate course. Once you choose the course and make the payment, you may continue with the registration process and you will receive e-mail with the access code.

To start an online counseling session, please access the following link: Online Education

My Money Checkup

My Money Checkup is a tool that allows you to better understand the status of your personal finances, how you can improve your situation, and your options for the future. You just need to answer some questions, after which you will be provided a summary of your current financial situation as well as some recommendations. 

My Money Checkup®

Once you finish the analysis, you may request a free counseling session with one of our counselors at any of our branches by calling 1-855-717-2227 or (787) 722-8835.