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Want to buy your first home, a car or pay off debts and do not know how? You want to save for emergencies, education of your children, holiday or for your retirement?

Many think that these are just dreams and cannot reach them because no spare money but do not seek help.

Money plays an important role in our lives. Having financial health should be everyone's goal. This is not entirely dependent on our knowledge of the topic or skill to have.  

Financial health is tied to our personal history, values ​​and the relationship we have to money.

A financial coach gives you the strategies you need to put your finances in order and achieve your goals. It is not the same as a financial advisor as a counselor helps you analyze your budget and presents alternatives.

The financial coach will help you identify the skills, knowledge you need to achieve your goals and develop together strategies. The success of this program depends on your willingness to make changes in patterns to achieve your goals and reach a satisfying lifestyle.

The financial coach will accompany you on the path to achieving your financial goals.

CONSUMER can help with Financial Coaching program made specifically for you. Do not wait any more to take control of your money! Manage your money, do not let it manage you!

To schedule an orientation Financial Coaching, call 1-855-717-2227 or 787-722-8835. You can learn more about Financial Coaching section of Education. You can also send an email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My Money Checkup

My Money Checkup is a tool that allows you to better understand the status of your personal finances, how you can improve your situation, and your options for the future. You just need to answer some questions, after which you will be provided a summary of your current financial situation as well as some recommendations. 

My Money Checkup®

Once you finish the analysis, you may request a free counseling session with one of our counselors at any of our branches by calling 1-855-717-2227 or (787) 722-8835.