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Debt Management Plans (DMP) - Think about your future.

Are you currently facing a financial hardship? Are you receiving collection letters and calls from your creditors? Are you behind in your debts? Have you considered filing for bankruptcy?

Our Debt Management Plan (DMP) is especially designed for those consumers who are going through a financial predicament and are in arrears on most of their debts due to reasons beyond their control. This program came about as an alternative to bankruptcy. During the counseling session, clients receive a detailed financial analysis that will uncover the extent of their situation. This analysis includes a comparison between their current household income and their expenses, including their debt payments. Based on the results of this analysis, our counselor will share with the clients a customized action plan that will help them deal with their particular financial situation.

If you are a DMP candidate, CONSUMER will contact each your unsecured creditors that sponsor our services a proposal to explore the possibility of reducing your monthly debt payments in order to get everything under control and help you retake control of your personal finances. After setting aside part of your monthly net income for your personal household expenses, you will need to send CONSUMER the agreed upon amount so we can in turn disburse the funds to your creditors based on the proposed payment plan.

A Debt Management Plan can help you:

  • Eliminate or reduce late payment fees
  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Minimize the collection calls received from your creditors (as long as you comply with the agreement)

The documents that are required to carry out this type of counseling session are the following:


  • Recent paycheck stubs, bank statement, or Income Tax Return
  • Recent credit card statements or a list of your creditors, balance owed to each, and monthly payment sent to each.
  • Payment book of your personal loans, mortgage and /or vehicle.
  • Recent utility bills, plus your cellular phone(s) bills.


My Money Checkup

My Money Checkup is a tool that allows you to better understand the status of your personal finances, how you can improve your situation, and your options for the future. You just need to answer some questions, after which you will be provided a summary of your current financial situation as well as some recommendations. 

My Money Checkup®

Once you finish the analysis, you may request a free counseling session with one of our counselors at any of our branches by calling 1-855-717-2227 or (787) 722-8835.