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Our agency is committed to assuring the privacy of individuals and/or families who have sought assistance with us.

Any information shared with a third party will be disclosed either orally or in writing according to applicable legal and ethical guidelines. Your “personal financial information,” which includes monthly household income, expenses, and debts, will be provided to creditors and/or any other authorized users.

We may also use this information as a means of evaluating our services, compile statistical data and/or to help us evaluate the possibility of providing new programs. We will at all times preserve your anonymity by only using the client number or other general, nonspecific information.

Under all other circumstances, your information will be made public to the corresponding individuals or agencies ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE REQUESTED SO IN WRITING or when demanded to do so by a Court Order.

The following PRIVACY PRACTICES detail the circumstances under which your information will be provided to third parties:

  1. We will not disclose any personal private information of our current or past clients to anyone, unless mandated by law.
  2. We may compile statistical data or general, nonspecific client information that you have provided, but said information will not reveal your identity.
  3. The information that we have gathered from you may be provided partially or completely to creditors, or other third parties previously authorized, who may need this information in order to better assist you after you have completed your counseling session with us.
  4. The information that we have gathered from you may be provided completely to creditors and financial institutions that may need this information as part of the process of setting up the accounts in a Debt Management Plan.
  5. We will restrict access to personal information of our clients to those employees who need the information to better serve your needs. We have implemented preventive measures that comply with the applicable federal standards that deal with this matter.
  6. We compile your personal private information from the following sources:
    • a. Data that you recorded on our forms or on other forms that you provided.
    • b. Data from transactions processed through us, your creditors, or others.
    • c. Data that we receive from a Credit Reporting Agency.
  7. We may disclose the following personal private information that belongs to you:
    • a. Data that you provided to us on our forms, such as your name, address, social security number, assets, and income.
    • b. Data from your transactions with us, your creditors, or others (such as account balances, payment history, and credit use) to all interested parties in the transactions.
    • c. Data obtained from a Credit Reporting Agency, such as a Personal Credit Report.