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CONSUMER is a private not-for-profit, mission-driven and community-based organization founded on October 1990 with the objective of providing quality education and financial counseling services to consumers.  Our organization is affiliated to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), an entity that requires, supports and endorses CONSUMER’s accreditation, our counselors’ certifications, as well as policies and procedures that ensure that all of our clients receive superior service.

We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Families and Children (COA), an organization that monitors and sanctions the quality of the services provided to clients.  Since our inception, we have helped thousands of consumers from all nationalities regain control of their personal finances.  Many have taken advantage of our educational programs by managing to become first-time homeowners, balancing their budgets, rehabilitating their credit, and regained their peace thanks after being able to fulfill all of their financial commitments.


Our mission is to educate and advise consumers and other entities in the financial, professional and organizational development so that they can responsibly reach their goals by providing them training and counseling based on their expectations and needs.


Our vision is to contribute in the financial wellness of consumers and other entities, recognizing the same as a right of everybody.